10 Unique Digital Art Installations

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Digital Signage, Digital Transformation

Anywhere you go now, and perhaps in an office building, you will see digital design installations that show different types of information, such as ads, building maps, and even company history.

In this small collection of photos, you will see some of the most remarkable digital displays of art, coming from building offices to art exhibitions, and even an interactive running track.

1. Dolby Art and Gallery: A Study of Matter

In this seamless design, Creative Director Kamil Nawratil found a space to explore the tension between nature, humans, and technology, and bridging interdisciplinary fields including science, architecture, and digital media. With an artistic take on science, this display carries a multitude of colors.

2. Wells Fargo Center, Denver

This 85-foot tall ribbons created by ESI Design reflects the seasons and time of day, and landscapes in Colorado, as well as collected artistic Instagram feeds of the community. Installed in the grand atrium of Wells Fargo Center in Denver, this work of art has a unique algorithm, as it orchestrates the activity with a rule-based, procedural media environment enabling pre-recorded and live visualisations.

3. Single Media Canvas, Terrell Place, Washington DC

Another work by ESI Design, this reactive media stands at 13 feet high and spans 80 feet wide. This motion-activated seamless led lights has three display modes that shift from ‘Color Play’, ‘Seasons’, and ‘City Scape’, providing surreal, up close sceneries and artistic displays that truly reflect the time of day and movements of people in Terrell Place.

4. NIKE Unlimited Stadium, Bonifacio Global City, Philippines

This next digital installation is not only interactive, but also motivational to its participants. The NIKE Unlimited Stadium is the world’s first full-sized LED running track. The 200-meter track is designed after NIKE’s LunarEpic running shoe. This LED running track shows the runner’s initial lap time through a ‘hyper accurate RFID’ that is detected by a sensor attached to the runner’s shoe. The runner is meant to compete with himself as his avatar will run alongside him on his second lap, becoming larger the further and the faster they run.

5. Quantum Space, M’ARS Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Known as a digital meditation, this is more of a panoramic interactive projection. It brings the viewer engaged into space. The display detects the person inside the room and mimics its body’s shape and splits it into thousands of light quantum and dissolves in the universe. The abstract projections of the lights rely on the viewer’s movements and they generate in real time.

6. FIT, Nike Stadium Milano

This interactive digital artwork ‘FIT’ by Universal Everything in collaboration with Nike Flyknit simulates human form and movement. The abstract art uses motion tracking technology and activates when detecting human presence. The cube-shaped art installation translates movements into colourful light threads that intertwine, move, and flow.

7. Light Pollination by Universal Assembly Unit

Light Pollination was created for the London Design Festival in 2016. This unique interactive sculpture has 20,000 LED lights installed on the ends of fibre-optic cables. Designed like coral reefs, these fibre-optic cables are embedded with tiny sensors that can detect light causing it to gently pulse with the light to mimic the phenomenon of bioluminescence in nature.

8. 150 Media Stream, Chicago, Illinois

This 3,000 sq.ft. display explores the interplay of art, space, and viewership in both public and private contexts. The display is divided into 89 separated super-thin LED blades variously sized between 3.25 inches and 15 inches in width, and standing vertically anywhere from 6 feet to 22-feet tall. This digital installation was done collaboratively by art educators, and students from partnering cultural and educational institutions.

9. IBM Think Exhibit

The IBM THINK Exhibit does not only showcase interactive displays but also engages viewers with the purpose of sharing knowledge as the company celebrates its 100th anniversary. The general knowledge featured in this series of interactive displays lets viewers explore the ‘human approach to understanding and improving the world through science and technology.’

10. Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries

The last but not least, this digital projection in Tokyo acts like a waterfall but also simulates other forms of nature, like cherry blossom petals. The flow then is obstructed when a person stands in front of it, similar to when standing on a real body of water. The flow changes and doesn’t repeat or occur twice. As it is a continuous movement, the flow of the waterfall also influences other forming artworks.

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