4 Ways Digital Signage Drives Consumer Behaviour

by | Jan 15, 2019 | Digital Signage, Digital Transformation

Businesses’ purchase decisions are often ruled by ROI (return on investment), while overlooking the good stuff such as consumer behavior and factors that influence the path to purchase or otherwise known as ROO (return on objective) that are as critical in making the sale.

Though investing in digital signage can be tricky, it has invaluable benefits that many don’t see just yet but are key in driving consumer behavior. Learn more about how the growing digital signage market (to be $23B in 2020) is not just a short-lived trend but an innovative, high-value investment.

  • It attracts attention

As consumer attention gets harder to get and to keep, digital signage helps your business rise above competing distractions. It truly attracts and engages viewers with high definition content (link to content products page) that can be combined with attractive colors and animations. It helps you cut through the noise to catch the attention and imagination, building lasting impressions.

  • It provides information

About 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store and 50-60% of these are unplanned, so it’s best to use digital signage to inform consumers about your products, their benefits and features to influence them in buying.

Digital signage may also be used to display other informative messages such as emergencies or updates about the weather, traffic or other information that consumers need to know about. Seasonal content and trading hours can be shown as well for the consumers to know you care about the holidays or other events being celebrated.

  • It reduces perceived wait time

With attractive and/or informational content on display, digital signage helps keep customers entertained. Whether lining up for check-out or waiting for ordered products, consumers are less likely to get frustrated as digital signage displays help ease aggravation in waiting.

  • It builds trust around your brand

Visual aesthetics can appeal to human emotions, which best positions digital signage in your brand strategy. By displaying authentic stories like humble beginnings, showing a face behind your brand or anything that’s relatable and human enough to strum your consumers’ heartstrings, you are depicting a brand that’s trustworthy and reliable.

So while ROI is important, it’s also critical to pay attention to these factors that drive customer behavior, the ROO that we all should be looking at. Digital signage should be the core of in-store advertising as it helps you cut through the noise and influence purchase decisions. In turn, your sales increase and your customers are satisfied.

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