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by | Sep 3, 2018 | Content Marketing, Digital Signage

Is there an ideal typography for digital signage? It really depends on your screen. Chances are, when you bought it, you hadn’t really thought twice about what would play there. But it’s not too late.

Colours and layout are often the foremost consideration. Font decisions usually take the backseat – we don’t spend countless hours poring over different versions of sans serif or testing out one font size after another.

But size is just as important as the message itself, and it’s what makes content effective. When the font is too small, your carefully written copy would only go unnoticed and would never reach your viewer – unless they squint really hard at your content.

There’s nothing like size to grab attention and send bold messages, but it’s so easy to make bad font size decisions. Brand guidelines can solve this easily, but for times when there aren’t any, we go with what we’ve gained from experience.

So what are the things to consider?

Screen Size and Viewing Distance

Take a look at the size of your screen, and how far it is off the ground.

Is it at eye level, or does your viewer have to stoop to notice it? It doesn’t help either if it’s too up high, especially for small to medium sized screens.

For a 32” screen, the visual guide above indicates an optimum view 6 feet away. Any nearer and some elements are lost, and going farther makes the screen less noticeable.

As a general rule, content on smaller screens will be more readable from a nearer distance. The larger the screen, the better the view from afar.

Legibility and Font Size

Is your content visible just up close? How far can your audience go to still read the message?

Content legibility highly depends on font size – determining whether your audience is able to appreciate it at certain distances.

To find out and optimise, perform visual tests starting with the guide below.

Hierarchy and Styling

You may add impact to the message by using hierarchy and styling. Make your titles or promotions larger and bold or make fine print actually fine.

Use variations in typography to your advantage, and highlight the most important parts of your content.

But never use more than two font types or styles. Keeping it simple ensures that your message is clearer, more readable, and easier to remember.

We never tire of saying this: Less is more.

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