How Intelligent Content Impacts Discoverability and Engagement

by | Dec 9, 2017 | Intelligent Content

You’ve structured your content to be intelligent, but how do you get your audience to read it?

In the age of customer personas, understanding the needs of your consumers is key. Take a look at the customer journey with your brand. What are they looking for? Are you providing them the content they need?

In Semantics and the Fuss About Tags, Hashtags, Data and Metadata we discussed how metadata can be used for SEO. The content is created, made semantically aware, and published with tags of topic and industry-related keywords.

On the other side of the coin, an analysis of the keywords used by the audience during their searches can also provide us with insights into the content they are looking for. This helps us come up with targeted content that caters to the user intent, i.e. creating content to fit into Google’s micro-moments or converting them through the stages of the purchase funnel, etc.

In The Wheels and Cogs of Intelligent Content, we’ve outlined what goes into creating Intelligent Content, the first of which is Content Strategy. This is key to creating a content library, but this strategy does not remain static. It continually evolves to enhance the customer journey and experience. As we create new content, the structure of Intelligent Content gives us the tools to optimise it and get it out there to reach our audience – from search engines, social media, digital ads and so on.

Delving deeper, while Intelligent Content employs Artificial Intelligence to automatically create content, it can also learn from our audience – based on their actions on our website, social listening, and analytics, to name a few. Machine learning can help us gain insight to the audience and automate the workflow.

Keeping abreast of the trends in our industry allows us to update our keyword lists as well as give insights into creating content that continually entices our audience, therefore encouraging engagement. Picking up on rising trends helps us to publish content on these topics ahead of our competitors and establish our brand as a market leader.

Content and discoverability is a two-way street. What drives people to visit a website is content. Therefore, we have to create content that our audience wants. Intelligent Content allows us to gain insight, and develop and optimise our content library to cater to the varying needs of our customers and the ever-changing trends in the market.

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