Intelligent Content: Structure vs. Freedom and the Surprising Outcome

by | Mar 3, 2018 | Intelligent Content

Common practice leads us to believe that content structure has many restrictions when content is created. However, at the heart of Intelligent Content, we find a rich structure that actually allows more freedom for automated content creation.

In The Wheels and Cogs of Intelligent Content, the methodical approach to content creation involves a strategy to compile a structurally rich and semantically aware library of source content.

The Content Strategy should support your business objectives. With this in mind, you can start creating your Content Model – detailing the types of content you need to create and how they relate to each other. The Content Model enables you to map out the content types, output platforms and metadata elements for each content type. From here, you can create consistent, predictable and logical guidelines for content creation, and at the same time provide structure to your source content that allows for automation.

Creating content that follows the guidelines of your Content Model should provide all the necessary content needed for the different output platforms to be used. The content itself also needs to be modular and free of format in order to be used and reused more efficiently.

Take for example this simplified content model for an e-commerce website:

Looking at this Content Model, the source content was created once, but follows a rich structure. This allows for several components to be used multiple times for outputs of different formats. When your structure is in place, each piece of content you create becomes discoverable, reusable and adaptable to your output requirements, thus giving you more freedom to generate content easily and automatically. How you configure your content is limited only by your imagination.

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