Content Strategy

Harnessing your store’s inner strength

The current in-store landscape is shifting from merely understanding zones to optimising them to increase function, moving from purely aesthetic to more functional and strategic designs to enable customers to have more informed and solid purchasing decisions.

Your content must support this shift. Following the “right content at the right place at the right time” rule requires that your store zones host content most valuable to your customers. Your goal of delivering this value in-store could easily be outlined with a solid content strategy at hand.

Zones and Customer Flow

Human thought processes are hardwired to change from location to location. As the Encoding Specificity Principle states, context and location play a huge role in how customers think and decide when they are in specific parts of the store. This is true when one plans out store layouts to aid the purchase pathway. How information is laid out within the store should aid this further.

Finding the intent and the purpose of each zone visit is essential in making sure the content you’re showing on your digital screens help the customer along their pathway to purchase.

Matching Purpose with Content

How companies engage customers in digital channels matters profoundly—not just because of the immediate opportunities to convert interest to sales but because two-thirds of the decisions customers make are informed by the quality of their experiences all along their journey.

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