Media Management

Digital Screen Network Management. 100% Peace of Mind

Media Management ensures you don’t have to worry about files types, assets, scheduling or management of playlists. Instead, all you need to do is send in your video or image assets (or course it through our content creation service).

We’ll do the rest. Gone are the issues of content not fitting or playing properly on your digital signage. You can be assured your content will display perfectly, published and expired exactly on time.

We will help you manage your Digital Signage Network

Engagis Creatives recognises innovations in media management and develops a culture of creativity, strategy, and technology.

Knowing that content management is becoming more complex in the digital age, we developed a range of media management packages that will allow our clients to display their desired content on any screen in their digital network.

To guarantee hassle-free content management comes our Custom Media Management Package – created to ensure that campaigns are published across all sites in one go.

On the dot scheduling

Precision is key to effective content. The Media management service helps your team achieve a successful campaign rollout by helping you set schedules, immediately scheduling your content once it’s sent in, and minimizing friction by addressing technical issues ahead of schedule.

We assure that all the content on your screens are updated and accurate, and we’ll even let you know days ahead if your campaign or content is expiring, so you will have more time to prepare and not leave your digital signages with blank or inaccurate content.

99% uptime

Aside from the failsafe Engagis Eze Suite, dedicated media managers are on standby to guarantee that your content are published, running, and looking great.

Campaign experiences we have handled had required next-day publishing, or frequent changes due to legal and commercial requirements. Engagis Media Management has breezed through these and have assured customers time and again correct and accurate content on all of their digital screens at any point in time.

Growing Clientele

The Media Management service has contributed to successful launches, events and campaigns for major companies all over Australia.

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